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Put your knowledge to work


Academics at work offers coaching to launch you into a new career or help you transition to the next level of your current career. We provide individual and small group coaching, workshops and courses that are tailored to academics, higher education professionals, and graduate students that are looking for guidance on career planning and development.

By collaborating with a variety of academic departments and faculty we are able to support diverse career paths. Academics at work helps individuals, just like you, explore career options, navigate the process, launch fulfilling careers, and plan proactively for long-term career success. 




Your career coach


Hey, there! I’m Beth. I founded & own Academics at Work, a career coaching practice. Academically, I’m an anthropologist and I study the workplace. Professionally, I work in career development in higher ed. I coach people to explore and launch new career paths. I help people find their unique talents, talents, and skills; leverage their experience, and achieve their career goals. I coach academics, staff, graduate students, and higher ed professionals on how to change careers and thrive.


Career lab sessions

This is where we get  to business. We provide expert guidance tailored to you, your circumstances, needs, and goals through Career Lab sessions.

If you are…

  • looking for help in starting a career after grad school
  • considering a career change
  • wanting to learn how to help and support grad students’ diverse career paths,
  • seeking information about my on-demand courses, or anything else.

The first Career Lab consultation is always free, to learn about you and assess your needs.

Typically, clients then need a monthly Career Lab appointment (for 3 or 6 months) an individual Career Lab appointment, as few or as many as you need.


The happenings


Keep up to date on the latest news in the career coaching world. Blog posts that are filled with information to keep you updated and informed on how we are navigating the workplace and what we are learning from clients.

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