I am a career coach for academics. I help you find a job, embark on a new career, and navigate the world of work. 

Academics face unique challenges.

I know that finding work isn't easy. Academics face unique challenges. A higher ed landscape that has forever changed. A scarcity of permanent jobs, replaced by short-term jobs that come with few benefits, low pay, and no means to advance your career.

You need a strategy. One where you control your career - not the other way around! A plan that empowers you, that gives you the confidence to see where to go and the tools for how to get there.
So let me help you do some career course correction.
Because luck isn't a valid strategy.

Ready to correct your career course?
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What People are Saying

I would recommend Beth because she's been there, done that. Knowing she successfully transitioned careers was key for me. ~ Michael

Beth is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She goes above and beyond. She's my go-to for career advice. ~ Megan.

I would describe Beth as 'work-obsessed.' And that's a good thing! Because she keeps up with career literature and is abreast of trends, she's able to draw upon a broad range of tactics that she can tailor to each person. ~ Juliette
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