Hey, there! I’m Beth. I founded & own Academics at Work, a career coaching practice.

Academically, I’m an anthropologist and I study the workplace.

Professionally, I work in career development in higher ed. I coach people to explore and launch new career paths.

I help people find their unique talents, talents, and skills; leverage their experience, and achieve their career goals.

I coach academics, staff, graduate students, and higher ed professionals on how to change careers and thrive

Why I started Academics at Work

My career started in museums. Back then, when I was working on my PhD, someone like me was called an “alt-ac” (alternative academic), meaning headed for work beyond or outside of academia. After landing work in museums…the Great Recession hit and I was laid off. 

I changed course. I had no choice.

Within 4 months, I found a completely new line of work: designing and developing training for academics. One that launched a new, fulfilling, long-term career. One that I’ve been in ever since. And one that has been far more rewarding and sustainable than my original career path.

I watched my husband compete on the academic job market cycle after cycle while adjuncting, only to “give up” and turn to industry work instead. We’ve never looked back.

As you can see, my practice is deeply personal, but it also dovetails exactly with what I do in my “day job.”

I have been designing career development programs for over 10 years now. People would linger after workshops or email me after eLearning and say: this is great, but now I need a little help tweaking this strategy or that concept for me and my circumstances.

I began coaching individuals one on one, and mentoring small group cohorts, which led me to get certified as a Certified Master of Career Services, and to found Academics at Work to share my experience and knowledge.


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