Money Matters

This week I was a guest on a podcast called Personal Finance for PhDs. I shared my journey about how getting laid off forced me to face my budget, and the strategies on how I tackled getting out from debt and back on top of my finances. In this post, I talk about how getting laid off forced me to face ANOTHER reality about my museums career: that I was being exploited.

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You Need Career Plans A, B, & C

You may have a Career Plan. You may even have a backup Career Plan. But did you know you need THREE options for your career plan? In this article I’ll break down why 3 options is always best.

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Alt-Acs Must Get On LinkedIn

It used to be commonly accepted knowledge that academia and LinkedIn do not play nicely together. But those days are gone. While even academics need to get with LinkedIn, it is a MUST for all alt-acs to be on LinkedIn. Here’s the top 3 reasons why, and some resources to get you started.

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