A Brutally Honest Cover Letter

Imagine how much easier and faster it would be to churn out a cover letter if you could be brutally honest! So in honor of it being Friday (and me being braindead as a result!), here is my sample of a brutally honest stream of consciousness cover letter.

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Keep Failing Forward

When you are afraid of failure at work, or have actually failed, what can you do to move past the “blame” stage and get back on track? Assigning blame – internally or externally – doesn’t help or serve you, or move you closer to career satisfaction. So keep failing forward.

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What is the goal of career planning?

Your choice today is not your career destiny. Period. But to get unstuck in your career, you must take action. And a good career plan will lead you through the questions you need to ask yourself to make yourself do something.

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Permanently ABD

Why I quit my PhD program, and where I stand these many years later. in my alt-ac career. Looking back on my choice to quit and stay All But Dissertation.

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