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Our COVID times remain challenging, and frankly, bleak. But believe it or not, there are some upsides, and that’s what I’m focusing on this week. I’ll be sharing the career upsides, the silver linings, that come from COVID this week to help you keep your career inching along.

My first piece of advice is to use the time to schedule and do some informational interviews. Networking is always key to your career, and we have all missed out this year. Conferences that were cancelled, meetups that have been postponed until…well, who knows. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find and schedule some informational interviews.

You (probably) have less oversight than ever from your employer, right? Maybe you’re entirely working from home. Maybe you’re setting your own hours for the first time in your career. Maybe your boss and their leaders are completely pre-occupied with pandemic planning. That is a good thing.

It means less scrutiny on your schedule, on where you ‘went’ when you went to have coffee with someone. The ability to meet virtually with anyone in your targeted field or dream job, anywhere. The freedom to chat openly, in the privacy of your own space, without fear of cubicle neighbors overhearing you. The ability to ask more candid questions than ever. The opportunity to share more openly your long-term career aims.

It also is a low ask of you. All you have to do is find the person, ask them, and think of some good questions. I know many of us are beyond stressed and overwhelmed, so this is one the most low-effort ways we can at least take some baby steps towards planning our short-term or long-term career moves.

What’s holding you back from scheduling at least one informational interview this month? Let me know how I can help you make that happen.