Write a Master Resume

My friend’s husband has a saying (that I can’t repeat) but let’s just say it’s a warning that a choice you make in the moment could be one your future self is going to regret. That’s sage advice. But so is the corollary. You can also do something now that your future self will thank you for! In this case I’m talking about writing a master resume. What is a master resume?

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Go? Or No-Go: The Offer Edition

I’ve written before about a Go/No-Go decision, a point during the job search process where you decide whether you’ll even bother applying. There’s one more time you need to make a Go/No-Go decision and it’s when you’ve been made an offer.

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Why you need to take benefits into account

I’ve posted about negotiating your salary before. But now I’m here to remind you that salary is not everything. When you’re considering a job offer, you MUST also take benefits into account before you decide. A real example, from a client yesterday. She got a terrific  job offer, offering more than 10% above her current salary. And while she was doing the happy dance (and should!), I had to rein in her excitement and make her do some math. “Have you examined the benefits package? No? Oh, girl. Okay, sit down.”

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