Go? Or No-Go: The Offer Edition

I’ve written before about a Go/No-Go decision, a point during the job search process where you decide whether you’ll even bother applying. There’s one more time you need to make a Go/No-Go decision and it’s when you’ve been made an offer.

So you’ve done a lot of hard work to get to this point. You’ve

  • found a job you’re interested in,
  • tailored your cover letter & resume, you’ve
  • waded your way through re-entering that same information into their application :),
  • interviewed,
  • negotiated your salary, and
  • taken benefits into consideration.
Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

But before you say YES to the offer, take one more chance to run through a Go/No-Go decision.  What you should be asking yourself here really boils down to a gut check.

  • Are you really interested in doing the work itself? Be honest!
  • Are you able to take on this level of responsibility at this moment?
  • Did you get a good vibe from the team and hiring manager?
  • What about the workplace? Can you see yourself fitting in?

But most importantly: does this get you closer to your real, true career goal? If you want to launch a startup, and the job will help you learn from a fellow entrepreneur, cool! But if you’re just smitten by a better job title or more money or different daily tasks, but it’s not helping you learn what you need to launch your startup, maybe you should decline. I realize that can be a disappointing. Finding and exploring a job offer all the way through to the end…only to say no. But sometimes, either the math doesn’t work out right for your household budget, or the opportunity cost of leaving where you are is too high, or the risk of joining an unproven startup is too great. That’s fine! You can always back out and change your mind anywhere along the process. But it’s much better to do it now before you accept & resign your current job. You may even be down in the dumps for a day or two – it may otherwise be the *perfect* job just at the wrong time in your life. But that means that you won’t thrive at it right now, anyway. So whenever you can along your job search journey, you need to know what you want so you can decide if what happens along will get you there.

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