Campus Jobs as Graduate Assistantships Lead to Better Outcomes

One of the foremost thinkers in how we can overhaul the graduate school experience to address career planning is Leonard Cassuto. In addition to his excellent book The Graduate School Mess (which should be required reading for anyone interested in the topic), he also writes a series for the Chronicle of Higher Education called the Graduate Adviser. His latest post, “Outcomes-based Graduate School: The Humanities Edition” illustrates how one university – Lehigh – tackled overhauling its graduate curriculum in English. There’s several things to note in how they went about this.

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Another Thing to Think about for Grad School Reform

We need to be helping grad students learn how to multi-task. Actually, that’s not quite the right term. It’s more how to handle task-switching. To learn how to put constraints on their time and deliverables and accept ‘good enough’ and move on, because that’s what any job will require of them.

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