Hey there!

I’m Beth.

I am the founder of Academics at Work. Maybe you’re here because you’re discouraged by the lack of jobs in your field. Maybe you feel overqualified or ill-prepared for other lines of work. Or maybe you work in your field…only it’s not a good fit. You’re not sure what your options are, when to decide enough is enough, or what to do next.

I get it. I’ve been through it. I was you.

I know that finding work isn’t easy. I know how scary and hard it is to switch gears. I know the sting to your self-esteem when you have to “settle” for different work. But I also know the reward for taking a leap, for changing course.

As an academic, you can put unique strengths to work for you. You are incredibly smart, endlessly curious, and skilled at learning new things all. the. time. You just need a little career course correction, sometimes. (We all do!) With my help, you can:

  • get clarity on what you want and need from your career
  • narrow down your options to those that best suit you
  • pivot from a series of jobs to a long-term career strategy
  • navigate and follow a path from where you are now to where you want to be

I landed in my academic field before I finished my Ph.D. But that meant I was working full-time, overworked, overwhelmed, mentally, emotionally, and physically drained, underpaid, and yet supposed to be using my “free” time to be working on my dissertation. I started asking myself: what’s the point?

I decided to change course. I started looking for work outside of my field and landed a terrific job (in higher ed). I haven’t looked back since. That was 9 years ago.

Since then, I have been coaching other folks on how to do what I did. People kept asking how I went from Plan A to thriving at Plan B. I realized I had a lot of knowledge about and experience in exploring options and marketing transferable skills. I also had lessons learned, both from my journey and my husband, who adjuncted for 7 years while on the academic job market before going alt-ac, too. Figuring all this out isn’t easy, and I want to help you.

I call it Career Course Correction.

By changing your course, you can find rewarding work. Not just a series of limited-term jobs… but a career. One that will live up to your talents, skills, and abilities. One that will pay you more. One that will grow alongside you. One that gives you control of your own destiny.

On this site, you’ll find

  • my blog – where I share all kinds of tips, strategies, resources, and unsolicited advice for starting, changing, or building your career.
  • opportunities for 1:1 coaching via Career Lab appointments
    By putting my guidance into action, you can start to figure out a destination…and the path ahead.

On top of my own journey, as a certified Training Manager for staff & faculty at a university and a member of the National Career Development Association, I know a lot about what works for professional & personal career development.

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